Building an Agency from Scratch

Season 2 Episode 15

Building an Agency from Scratch with Rick Holmes

Season 2 Episode 15


About Rick Holmes

Rick Holmes is a 31-year veteran of the Employee Benefits and Health Insurance consulting industry. During his career as a consultant, he has worked with thousands of employer groups and frequently acts as an expert resource for his peers.

In 2010, Rick founded Lakeshore Benefit Alliance, LLC (LBA) in Birmingham, AL, and actively serves as the Chief Executive Officer.  Since founding LBA, Rick and his team have developed numerous proprietary insurance products that have helped change the health insurance landscape, by helping employers and employees offset hundreds of millions in healthcare costs.

Presently, Rick enjoys solid relationships with some of the world's most prominent Reinsurers, TPAs and Insurance Carriers. 

Rick Holmes
President at Lakeshore Benefit Alliance, LLC

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