Post-Acquisition: Strategy, Execution, and Management

Season 2 Episode 17

Post-Acquisition: Strategy, Execution, and Management with Drew Shockley

Season 2 Episode 17



About Drew Shockley

Drew Shockley is the Senior Vice President of Training and Development at EverQuote in Indiana. Besides serving as a leading healthcare insurance expert, he also trains agents about successful sales techniques, systems and technology, and marketing strategies. 

Originally from East Tennessee, he moved to Indiana for college. Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield was where he began his professional career in 2005. Over the next few years, he co-founded and managed Crosspointe Insurance Advisors, an independent insurance agency dedicated to helping consumers shop for health insurance and enroll in Medicare. 

Over the course of his 17+ years in the insurance industry, Shockley has helped thousands of individuals and families make important healthcare decisions. In 2020, EverQuote, a publicly traded marketing company based in Boston, MA, acquired Crosspointe. Under the new name Eversurance, the company continued to grow.   Eversurance now has licensed agents serving all five major insurance lines: health, medicare, life, home, and auto. 

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