Leading With Significance

Season 3 Episode 22

Leading With Significance with Joey Havens

Season 3 Episode 22



About Joey Havens

Joey Havens is the author of the soon-to-be-released book, Leading with Significance, where he reveals everything about his experience helping lead the successful transformation of HORNE’s culture to one that is magnetic and puts people first. He cuts through the theories of academia and shows the real human emotions that elevate a corporate culture to one that is genuine, enduring and magnetic.

Joey serves HORNE as managing partner for strategic growth. He previously served as executive partner from 2012 to 2021, leading more than 1,800 team members to build the Wise Firm© while passionately living out his life’s calling to help others see and reach their full potential. Prior to being named executive partner in 2012, Joey served as the managing partner of healthcare services and the managing partner of government services.

Within the profession, Joey actively challenges the mainstays of public accounting. He advocates growing leaders faster using holistic approaches and intentional sponsorship. He has a weekly beBetter blog, is the author of numerous whitepapers and articles and has co-authored four books.

Joey is an active member of CPA Practice Advisor’s Top 30 Thought Leaders, where he works with other accounting professionals to help lead and shape the industry.

Joey is a frequent presenter, teacher and facilitator on creating a culture of belonging, strategic planning and leadership development and loves to teach young professionals the ABCs to Outstanding.

Joey joined HORNE in 1984 and earned a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Mississippi.

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