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Importance of Branding and Marketing

Season 3 Episode 25

Importance of Branding and Marketing with Tripp Douglas

Season 3 Episode 25



About Tripp Douglas

Tripp Douglas is the founder and Creative Director of Crema Design Studio and also serves as the Chief Communications Officer at Morgan White Group. His career began in 2000 as a freelance graphic designer, building websites and designing logos for small businesses in Mississippi. He began expanding the design business in 2009, and Crema now employs a half dozen designers and brand managers servicing clients across the Southeast.

As Morgan White Group grew from a small local agency to a 300-person company with multiple office locations, he recognized the need for improved communication within the company. His Communications Team at MWG helps maintain consistent branding and messaging for all forms of company communication, both internal and external.

In 2003, while his design business was still in its early stages, Tripp opened a specialty coffee shop called Fusion Coffeehouse. This first-hand entrepreneurial experience has given him a unique perspective on design and marketing strategies.

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