Lead You

Season 3 Episode 29

Lead You with Bobby Harrington

Season 3 Episode 29



About Bobby Harrington

Bobby Harrington is a dedicated servant leader, and husband father with a profound background in leadership that spans over three decades. His leadership journey originated in sports and the United States Marine Corps, where he cultivated and refined essential leadership traits and principles. Among his family, friends, and colleagues, Bobby is widely recognized as a coach, a catalyst for change, and an individual who isn’t afraid to challenge the status quo.

Having been part of teams since the young age of seven, Bobby embraces a hands-on approach when tackling leadership challenges. He firmly believes that camaraderie, hard work, and establishing strong rapport form the bedrock of effective teams. Throughout his remarkable career, Bobby has had the privilege of leading diverse teams in various fields, including sports, the United States Marine Corps, martial arts, private businesses, and even a Fortune 500 company.

While achieving considerable success in his professional endeavors, Bobby considers his most significant accomplishment to be his role as a leader within his family. His unwavering commitment to serving and empowering others drives his life’s purpose. As a Gulf War veteran with an honorable discharge, Bobby’s dedication to service extends to his country as well.

With an impressive journey as a lifelong servant leader, Bobby continues to make a positive impact, inspiring those around him to thrive and achieve greatness.

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